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Marc Randolph

/Marc Randolph
Marc Randolph - Speaker - Experiences LLC directed by Ludmila Halac and Nicolás Halac


Marc Randolph is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and investor. He holds a B.A. in Geology from Hamilton College in New York. He is a recognized world reference on technology companies.

He co-founded the online movie and television streaming service Netflix and was its founding CEO. He has been a founder and investor in other successful technology companies such as the analytics software company Looker Data Sciences and also mentors entrepreneurs around the world.

He is a recognized and frequent speaker at technology industry events. In addition, he works with youth entrepreneurship programs and is a trustee of the US National Outdoor Leadership School, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching environmental ethics, outdoor technical skills and leadership in wilderness expeditions and classrooms.

+1 (561) 565-2830 +1 (561) 565-2830

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