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Alicia Asín is the co-founder and CEO of Libelium, a Spanish company that designs and manufactures wireless sensors for smart cities and develops the "Internet of Things (IoT)", technologies that improve the quality of life of citizens, increase the competitiveness of companies and make society more transparent, democratic and sustainable.

As a speaker, Alicia Asín offers an interesting insight into the big issues surrounding Big Data and the relevance of security and privacy in the new era of IoT. In addition, thanks to her professional experience, Asín is an innovative speaker on topics related to the use of technology to promote democracy and transparency. She intelligently addresses the risks that technology will face, as well as the opportunities it offers as a catalyst for sustainability. Alicia exposes the potential of technology in general and IoT in particular to maximize the social impact of organizations - especially in the private sector - right from the development stages, as well as its ability to contribute decisively to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, thereby responding to a generation of engaged consumers.

His presentations also pique the interest of anyone interested in exploring the challenges facing large cities in becoming sustainable and smart.

Alicia dedicates her career to how technology can change our world through applications such as smart cities and precision agriculture. Libelium develops projects to monitor and improve crops through environmental control systems to prevent climate change. Its IoT technology for healthcare equipment control is helping developing countries to universalize access to healthcare services. These disruptive applications allow Libelium to be present in more than 120 countries around the world. The Financial Times praised its work after the 2016 Mobile World Congress, naming Asín's company as one of the most promising companies in Spain.

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